3100A – Liquid Autoinjector

Analyzing fewer samples? Get precision and performance with a system that is perfectly sized for your needs. 3100A offers automation for processing up to 15 samples unattended.

3100A – Liquid Autoinjector

Key Features

  • 60+ GC models supported
  • Easy to use
  • Everything you need
  • Empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

3100A Angle

60+ GC Models Supported

The system is fully self-contained and can be interfaced with almost any GC and GC/MSs, regardless of the brand or model you have in your laboratory. It can be configured to serve up to two injectors in most of the supported GCs. Furthermore, it can be easily moved between GCs, also of different brands, when the workload changes.

Easy to Use

Limited operator training required? A single-button start-stop approach is the best solution: quick sets of autosampler parameters can be done by PC, while all the routine operations such as analysis start, sample loading, and extra wash can be managed by its dedicated keypad. The color-coded status indicator provides at-a-glance autosampler status information that is easy to see. The virtual screen on the PC shows up automatically when an informative message is available; alternatively, it can be activated by double thumb pressure on the keypad.

3100A Keypad Finger Touch
3100A Rotating

Everything You Need

3100A handles the most sophisticated sampling techniques: internal standard technique (also known as a sandwich injection), multi-phase, ambient headspace, priority injection, nanoliter injection, and much more. Parameters are easily programmable to optimize both the most convenient sampling method for extremely volatile or viscous samples and the best injection technique.

Empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI brings intuitiveness and superior performance to laboratories. By AI functionalities within 3000A, we offer self-diagnostic tests that enable predictive maintenance strategies, continuous optimization of the workflowextended flexible working style, automated consumables tracking, and GC inlet septum test. Furthermore, we dramatically simplify connection with service by the usage of dynamic on-screen QR codes.

3100A AI