Autosampler (HPLC)

S 6250/S 6300 Sample Injector System

S 6250 Sample Injector System
S 6300 Sample Injector System

The S 6250/S 6300 Sample Injector System is a very flexible and powerful HPLC autosampler with excellent reproducibility and linearity properties. Variable vial racks and adaptors for microtiter plates as well as a multitude of firmware options make this system highly adaptable and suitable for any analytical application.


  • Durable X/Y/Z-Sampling
  • Dual-Needle Design
  • Accessibility
Dual-Needle Injection

Durable X/Y/Z-Sampling

The S 6250/S 6300 Sample Injector System features a mechanically durable X/Y/Z-Sampling-Mechanic designed for long-life operation. The self-lubricating bearings keep routine maintenance at a minimum and avoid troubles caused by dusty environments. High-precision stepper motors drive the X/Y axis for accurate positioning. Microstepping mode enables a high resolution for the syringe dosing and vial positioning.

Dual-Needle Design

The Dual-Needle design of the S 6250/S 6300 Sample Injector System avoids system blockages caused by septum particles injected into the system. The ventilation needle pierces the septum before the injection needle moves into the sample vial (see figure on the right). As the more fragile injection needle does not need to pierce the vial septum, stronger vial caps or plastic vials can be used without problems.


The injection valve with sample loop and injection port can be accessed directly from the instrument front without removing any protective covers. The dosing syringe can be accessed from the side of the instrument through a hinged glass panel. The exchange of the syringe can be done without the requirement of any tools.

Precision & Modularity


The Sykam S 6250/S 6300 Sample Injector System offers multiple injection modes depending on application and sample needs. Besides fixed loop overfilling and variable volume injection the instrument offers a Zero-Waste injection mode for injecting very small sample amounts by moving the sample into the middle of the sample loop. Linearity and injection precision can be optimized for any volume by different sample loops and syringe sizes.

Modular Options

The modular nature of the S 6250/S 6300 Sample Injector System offers the possibility to “just buy what you need”. Modular options include sample heating/cooling for any sensitive sample material and derivatization for automatized pre-column derivatization tasks from reagent derivatization to automatic sample dilution.

Technical Specifications:

Wetted MaterialsStainless Steel / PEEK*, PPS, PVDF
Sample Capacity60/80 (1.5 ml), 98 (microtiter plates) (S 6250)
120 (1.5 ml), 192 (microtiter plates) (S 6300)
Injection VolumeProgrammable 0.1 – 999.9 μl
Injection Precision< 0.5 % Variable Volume Injection (10 μl; typically ~0.25 %)
LinearityCorrelation Factor > 0.999 (10 μl injection volume, 500 μl Syringe)
Carry Over< 0.05 % with wash program
Dimensions (W x H x D)310 x 210x 478 mm (S 6250)
396 x 275x 478 mm (S 6300)
Power Supply100 – 250 ~V (47 – 63 Hz)
* depending on configuration