Methanizer – for Low Level CO and CO2 (by FID)


  • Converts CO and CO2 to methane without changing retention times
  • Enables the FID to detect low levels of CO and CO2
  • Removable catalyst jet for regular FID operation
  • Thermostatted to 380°C

The methanizer option enables the flame ionization detector to detect low levels of CO and CO2. It is installed as the removable jet in a special FID assembly. The methanizer is packed with a nickel catalyst powder. During analysis, the methanizer is heated to 380°C with the FID body. When the column eluent mixes with the FID hydrogen supply and passes through the methanizer, CO and CO2 are converted to methane.

Since the conversion of CO and CO2 to methane occurs after the sample compounds have passed through the column, their retention times are unchanged. Hydrocarbons pass through the methanizer unaffected.

The special methanizer FID assembly operates like the regular SRI FID, except that the FID temperature must be set to 380°C. Due to the chemical relationship between nickel and sulfur, the methanizer can be poisoned by large quantities of sulfur gas.

Basic Model

This chromatogram is from a multiple gas analyzer #1 GC with a methanizer-equipped FID. The sample is 250 ppm each of C1-C6 and CO2

8680-0081 Methanizer accessory built into valve oven

8680-0082 Methanizer jet installed in special FID body

8690-0088 Heated, thermostatted valve oven mounted on an 8610C GC

8680-1081 Replacement methanizer tube

8680-1082 Replacement FID methanizer jet

0510-0081 510 Stand-alone methanizer kit for use with any FID

0510-1081 510 Methanizer replacement tube