Refractive Index Detector

S 2020 RI Detector

S 2020 500
S 2020 600

The S 2020Refractive Index Detector provides the sensitivity, stability, and reproducibility required for accurate RI detection.

The thermally separated optic, which includes a countercurrent heat exchanger and programmable temperature control, produces a highly stable baseline and an optimum Signal/Noise ratio.

The S 2020 Refractive Index Detector has auto-purge and autozero features, as well as RS232 connectivity for direct data acquisition without the use of an external signal interface.

S 2020 is available for:

  • Micro mode
  • Analytical mode
  • Semi-preparative mode

The S 2020 RI Detector is an excellent Refractive Index Detector for a wide range of system designs. The detector provides the best sensitivity for microbore HPLC and the highest dynamic measuring range for preparative applications with the microflow cell (up to 3.0 ml/min), analytical flow cell (up to 10 ml/min), or semi-preparative flow cell (up to 50 ml/min) with measuring ranges of up to 500 µRIU, 1000 µRIU, and 20000 µRIU, respectively. Along with its extensive connection (both analog and digital), the S 2020 RI Detector can be used in practically any chromatographic system that requires refractive index detection.

Technical Specifications:

Detection MethodDeflection
Refractive Index Range1.00 to 1.75
Flow Cell Pressure6 kg/cm²
Integrator Output± 1 V
Recorder Output± 10 mV/ 100 mV/ 1 V
Recorder Offset0 mV/ 10 mV/ 100 mV
Recorder Range8 steps (1:8) – (16:1)
Digital InterfaceRS232, Purge, Autozero, Start, Stop, DataOut: 1 Hz, 10 Hz
Digital OutputTTL: Intensity Alarm
Digital InputTTL: Purge, Autozero, Start, Marker
Temperature SettingAmbient, 35°C to 55°C in 1 °C steps, Thermal Fuse 75°C
Time ConstantRAW (0.0 sec.), Fast (0.4 sec.), Medium (0.8 sec.), Slow (1.2 sec.)
Weight13 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D)310 x 165 x 478 mm (500)
396 x 165 x 478 mm (600)
Power Supply100-120/220-240 ~V (50/60 Hz), 50 VA
Flow Rate (ml/min)0.2 – 3.00.2 – 3.01 – 50
Cell Volume4 µl, 45°∠9 µl, 45°∠7 µl, 45°∠
Dead Volume6 µl24 µl88 or 353 µl
Linearity Range0 – 500 µRIU0 – 1000 µRIU0 – 20000 µRIU
Noise Level10 x 10-9 RIU5 x 10-9 RIU10 x 10-8 RIU
Drift with 1ml H2O/min< 1 mv/hour< 1 mv/hour< 1 mv/hour