UV/Visible Detector

S 4245 / S 4250 UV/VIS Detector

S 4245 UV/VIS Detector
S 4250 UV/VIS Detector

The S 4245/S 4250 UV/Vis Detector is a single or dual-channel variable wavelength detector with a wavelength range of 190 to 900 nm, built around high-quality “moving monochromator” optics for minimal loss of light energy at any chosen wavelength. The result is a UV/Vis detector with high sensitivity, stable baseline, and low drift signal, making the S 4245/S 4250 suitable for routine as well as advanced research applications.

An integrated wavelength program allows for the free programming of different wavelengths within a run. A special feature of the S 4245/S 4250 is the integrated peak detector with the possibility of direct control of external solenoid valves utilizing an integrated 24-volt output stage with a programmable delay function. Just adding a low-pressure three-way valve allows for simple fraction collection or solvent recycling.


  • Integrated Wavelength Program
  • Integrated Peak Detector
  • Optional – Online-Scan
  • Optional – Dual-Wavelength

Integrated Wavelength Program

The S 4245/S 4250 UV/Vis Detector features a wavelength program to change the selected wavelength over time.
With this feature, the optimum wavelength can be selected for each analyzed substance according to its retention time.

Integrated Peak Detector

The integrated Peak Detector works as a basic fraction collector. The peak detection level can be freely programmed for peak start and peak end to enhance the collection purity. An integrated 24V output for switching a solenoid valve is used for the fraction collection, which is automatically operated with a selectable time delay.

Optional – Online-Scan

Another option for the S 4245/S 4250 UV/Vis Detector is the Online Scan. With the Online Scan, whole spectrum of information can be gathered at a certain time. This scan information is stored internally and can be accessed at any time. The Online Scan is a good alternative to a full UV PDA detector.

Optional – Dual-Wavelength

The S 4245/S 4250 UV/Vis Detector is available with an optional second wavelength. This feature enhances the Wavelength Program feature that you can measure 2 different wavelengths at the same time. A second D/A converter output comes with this option to keep the system flexible to be used with any data acquisition software available.

Technical Specifications:

Wetted MaterialsStainless Steel / PEEK*
Baseline Noise± 1 x 10-5 AU (@240 nm, 2 sec. Risetime)
Baseline Drift< 3 x 10-4 AU/h
Wavelength Range190 – 800 nm
Wavelength Accuracy± 2 nm
Linearity> 2.0 AU
Light SourceDeuterium Lamp, Tungsten Lamp
Wavelength ProgramProgrammable, 10 steps
Analog Output1x 1 V (optional: 2x 1V)
Control FeaturesInternal Peak Detector with +24 V solenoid switching output
Dimensions (W x H x D)310 x 165 x 478 mm (S 4245)
396 x 165 x 478 mm (S 4250)
Power Supply100 – 250 ~V (47 – 63 Hz)
* depending on configuration

Principle of Operation