Greenhouse Gas Autosampler


AS 210 Intro

The new Greenhouse Gas Autosampler distributed by SRI Instruments Europe GmbH is an openly programmable XYZ-Autosampling System.

In combination with an SRI Instruments “Greenhouse GC” or any other brand of GC (with a sample loop), all the gases that are relevant in climate monitoring (Methane, Carbon Dioxide, and Nitrous Oxide) can be analyzed with a cycling time of only 4 minutes.

With its 210-position-vial rack for 20ml Headspace vials, you can analyze up to 346 samples per day.

AS-210 Front
AS-210 Front
  • 4 methods
  • 9 sequences
  • Openly programmable step rates
  • User-specific rack size possible
  • Maximum path: X=380 mm, Y=480 mm, Z=150 mm
  • 4.3″ Touchscreen display
  • System can be purged with Nitrogen
  • Evacuation of the sample system using a rotary vacuum pump (down to 1 mbar)
  • Pressure control by sensor
  • Up to 4 calibration gases can be used
  • Calibration routine included in the software
  • Control calibration
  • It is compatible with any GC that has a sample loop

Sampling Theory:

  • System flushed with Nitrogen
  • Evacuation of the sample system
  • Needle pierces the vial – sample streams into the evacuated system
  • Pressure compensation to ambient pressure
  • A pre-sample loop prevents ambient from entering the sample loop
Sampling Theory

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions990 mm x 780 mm x 630 mm
Weight45 kg
Power Supply115/230 V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption300 W
Tray Sizes210 vials positions for 20 mm headspace vials 10/20 ml
360 vial positions for Labco Exetainer 12 ml flat bottom
Autosampler – GC Connection Diagram