Heated Static Headspace Injector


  • VOA vial sleeve thermostatted from ambient to 90°C
  • Gas sampling valve with fixed volume loop
  • Gauge displays actual vial pressure
  • Liquid, solid, or powder samples
  • Complete PeakSimple control
Heated Static Headspace Injector

The heated static headspace injector is useful for the analysis of volatiles, especially where the sample matrix is dirty. A 10-port gas sampling valve and fixed-volume sample loop are used for maximum precision.

The thermostatted headspace sleeve accepts standard 40 ml VOA vials containing 10-20 ml of sample.

As the vial is inserted into the headspace sleeve, two needles puncture the septum on top of the vial. Purge gas enters through one needle to pressurize the vial, and the other needle carries headspace vapors to the loop of the gas sampling valve. A solenoid valve located at the loop exit is opened under PeakSimple data system control to allow headspace vapors to purge through the loop just before injecting the loop contents onto the column. The entire headspace sleeve is mechanically agitated under the control of the data system.

The headspace sleeve is thermostatted from ambient to 90°C under PeakSimple control and can be cooled down before removing the VOA vial.

8690-0045 Heated static headspace injector