Method 5035 VOA Vial Purge Head Retrofit


  • Affordable EPA method 5035 compliance
  • Retrofit Tekmar, O.I., and SRI purge & trap systems
  • Thermostatted and mechanically agitated VOA vial sleeve
  • Heated transfer line
Method 5035 VOA Vial Purge Head Retrofit
For use with standard 40 ml septum topped VOA vials

The SRI method 5030 VOA vial purge head retrofit is designed for all models of SRI, Tekmar, and O.I. purge and trap systems. For users who do not have sufficient samples to justify the purchase of a Method 5035 autosampler, but who nonetheless need Method 5035 capability on their existing purge and trap system, this affordable retrofit is the solution. It connects to the host with a single 1/16″ tube for purge gas in a heated transfer line for analyte-laden purge gas out. A single contact closure from the host’s data system or GC initiates the mechanical agitation of the heated VOA vial sleeve, as required by method 5035.

The method 5035 VOA vial purge head retrofit simply replaces the existing purge vessel, whether that vessel is the fritted glass type or the needle sparger type, and whether the purge vessel is mounted on the purge and trap mainframe or a single position or a multi-position purge and trap autosampler (such as the Tekmar 2016 ALS unit).

8680-0052 Method 5035 VOA vial purge head retrofit