Educational TCD GC


  • TCD detector with user-replaceable filaments
  • Carrier gas electronic pressure control (EPC)
  • 1-channel PeakSimple data system
  • 6-foot-long silica gel-packed column
  • On-column injector on the ultra-compact 310 chassis
Educational TCD GC System

Basic Model-1

Basic Model-2

The Educational TCD Gas Chromatograph (GC) system is ideal for undergraduate chemistry classes with labs. Configured on the ultra-compact 310 chassis, the Educational GC includes a traditional 4-filament Thermal Conductivity Detector that can heat to 275°C. The built-in single-channel PeakSimple data system provides easy and powerful data acquisition, as well as temperature programming for the column oven. The column oven is programmable to 300°C with unlimited ramps and holds, and is equipped with fast cool-down fans. An electronic pressure control module (EPC) for the carrier gas provides solid retention time reproducibility.

Because of their low cost and upgradeability* with other SRI detectors and injectors, these GCs are also used by thrifty labs for simple applications such as landfill gas analysis, stack monitoring, and quality control.

*NOTE: Because of batch manufacturing efficiencies, educational models are less expensive than equivalent GCs manufactured to order.
No customization of educational models is available before initial sale, although normal factory retrofit services are available after delivery.