European Greenhouse Gas Monitoring GC


  • ECD and FID detectors
  • Methanizer accessory (built-in)
  • EPC for make-up gas
  • Two 10-port gas sampling valves plumbed with precolumn backflush
  • Built-in “whisper quiet” air compressor, no need for synthetic air
  • 6-channel PeakSimple data system on the compact 8610C chassis
European Green House GC System + Hydrogen Generator + Autosampler

The Greenhouse GC is designed for the detection of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N2O). Depending upon the volume of the sample loop on the gas sampling valve, it can detect trace levels or high concentrations. It may be used for stack or ambient air monitoring, or in a plane for atmospheric air analysis.
The Greenhouse GC is not limited to CO2, CH4, and N2O. The FID-Methanizer detects hydrocarbons as well as CO and CO2 (as methane). The sensitive ECD detector responds to electronegative compounds, especially chlorinated, fluorinated, or brominated molecules such as PCBs and pesticides. With a low-volume sample loop, the Greenhouse GC can be used to measure gases produced by bacterial metabolic processes and life cycles.
Two electronically actuated 10-port valves introduce the sample into the GC. The sample loops can be filled manually or by autosampler. On the Column Oven front panel, each channel has an On-Column injection port, that allows the injection of different sample volumes.

10-Port-Valves Plumbing and Operation Theory:

Figure 1
Figure 2

The Relay “F“ is for the first 10-Port-Valve for the FID channel and Relay “G” is for the ECD Channel. After you start the run – both valves rotate to the “Inject-Position” – you can see in Figure 2 that now the sample loops are switched into the carrier gas stream. The sample passes through the pre-column and main column. Water is retained by the pre-column longer than CH4, CO2, and N2O. Before the water leaves the pre-column, – both 10-Ports-Valves are switched back to the “Load-Position” – (Figure 1) and at the same time, the Relay “A” will open a solenoid valve to backflush the water to vent. Now the flow direction in the pre-column is changed. At this time all the other compounds are on the main columns on the way to the detectors.

Example Chromatograms:

FID-Methanizer 4 ppm CH4/ 380 ppm CO2 Calibration Standard
ECD – 330 ppb N2O Calibration Standard

Technical Specifications:

Chassis8610C Mainframe 230V/110V
DetectorsFID Methanizer, ECD
Injection-Vertical loop filling port for autosampler
-On column
-Sample loop
Column ovenAmbient +5°C – 400°C
Carrier gasesDual channel, Nitrogen
Make-up gasP5 (5% Methane in Argo) or 5% CO2 in Nitrogen
Weight without sampler30 kg
Weight with sampler50 kg
Electricity consumption GC1 KW
Electricity consumption sampler200 W
Electricity consumption H2-Gen.160 W

Optional Equipment and Consumables:

  • Hydrogen generator
  • Nitrogen generator
  • HTA headspace autosampler – 42 position 6/10/20 ml
  • AS-210, 210-positions headspace vials 10/20 ml or 360-positions Labco Exetainer 12 ml
  • Gas purifiers
  • Manual crimper/decrimper tool
  • Electronic crimper/decrimper tool
  • Vials, septa and caps
  • Columns