Model 110 Stand-alone GC Detector Chassis


  • Add detectors to any host GC
  • Dimensions: 8.5″ wide x 13.5″ high by 14.5″ deep
  • Heated transfer line for connection to host GC
Model 110 Stand-alone GC Detector Chassis

The Model 110 chassis can be configured as a stand-alone detector chassis, capable of mounting up to four compatible detectors. The Model 110 is equipped with a heated transfer line for connection to the host GC. The heated transfer line requires only a small opening in the host GC’s column oven, so the 110 makes it easy to add detectors even to older units that are out of production. The fused silica-lined, metal-heated transfer line operates at 200°C, hot enough for most applications. However, analysis of high boiling analytes may not be possible if they could condense in the line at this temperature. For those detectors that require support gases such as hydrogen or air, the 110 is equipped with electronic pressure control (EPC) for each gas. An optional, “whisper quiet” air compressor may be installed to provide air for FID, DELCD, and/or FPD detectors. The standard Model 110 is equipped with analog signal cable output (0-5V) for connection to your data system, integrator, or strip chart recorder. An optional one or six-channel PeakSimple data system may be installed or purchased as an external accessory for PC-based data acquisition.

Standard equipment:

Model 110 chassis; heated transfer line; “at-a-glance” display of temperatures, pressures, voltages, and detector parameters, analog signal cable for connection to the data system, operator’s manual CD, accessory kit, heavy duty reusable shipping container. To configure a Model 110 GC, users must specify one or more detectors to be mounted onto the chassis.