Model 8610D Dual Oven GC


  • Mounts up to four detectors and four injectors
  • Dual ambient to 400°C temperature programmable column ovens
  • Dimensions: 19″ wide x 13.5″ high x 14.5″ deep
Model 8610D Dual Oven GC System

The SRI model 8610D Gas Chromatograph is the only commercially available dual-column oven GC. It is similar to the 8610C, except that two smaller column ovens are substituted for the larger 8610C column oven. Both column ovens are independently temperature programmable from ambient to 400°C, with unlimited ramps and holds, plus fast cool down. Each column oven can accommodate a 4-inch diameter column coil, capillary or packed. Almost all column manufacturers now supply columns in this size. The dual ovens can be used to accomplish user-customized separations. The dual ovens can also be used to double sample throughput for “two GCs in one” cost and space savings (with the addition of a second on-column injection port).

Standard equipment:

Model 8610D chassis; dual ambient to 400°C column ovens; On-column injector (single injector mounted on column oven #1 only) with carrier EPC; single channel PeakSimple data system; “at-a-glance” display of temperatures, pressures, voltages, and detector parameters; operator’s manual; accessory kit; and a heavy-duty reusable shipping container. To completely configure a Model 8610D GC, most users will need to specify one or more detectors, injectors, and columns. Some users may also need a Gas Line Installation Kit for each gas required (helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc.). Gas sampling valves are not available for mounting on this unit.

8610-6004-2 Model 8610D chassis with 6 channel USB PeakSimple data system