Multiple Gas Analyzer #1+ Sulfur GC


  • TCD, FID-Methanizer and FPD-FID detectors
  • Multiple gas analysis AND sulfur analysis in one unit
  • Detect low sulfur concentrations
  • Uses just 1 gas sampling valve and 3 columns 
  • Built-in “whisper quiet” air compressor
  • 6-channel PeakSimple data system
Multiple Gas Analyzer #1+ Sulfur GC System

The inert sample loop is visible on the front of the valve oven.

Many analysts require natural gas analysis for various applications. Frequently, sulfur compounds are also of interest.

Because low sulfur concentrations (<50 ppm) are difficult to measure, SRI has enhanced our popular Multiple Gas Analyzer GC systems to simultaneously monitor low levels of sulfur compounds. The additional hardware required is an FPD/FID detector, which selectively detects sulfur down to the mid-ppb range, and a room-temperature sulfur-inert sample loop.

One reason sulfur is so difficult to measure is that it disappears in contact with hot stainless steel surfaces; even limited contact with a hot stainless steel loop will destroy any sulfur in the gas sample. Our solution is to use an inert transfer line leading to a splitter, and a 60-meter-thick film capillary column. While Teflon columns are sometimes also used for sulfur analysis, the natural gas analysis (using a molecular sieve and a HayeSep D) requires column temperatures of 250°C or higher. Since the sulfur column is located in the column oven, it is essential to use a column like the 60-meter capillary which can tolerate higher temperatures.