Narrow Bore Capillary FID GC


  • FID detector
  • Built-in “whisper quiet” air compressor
  • 1-channel PeakSimple data system
  • 30-meter Narrow Bore (0.25 mm ID) capillary column 
  • On-column injector
  • Temperature programmable column oven 
  • Options/Upgrades: additional detectors with 4-channels serial or 6-channel USB PeakSimple data system, Methanizer, gas sampling valves, additional columns, H2-50XR hydrogen generator and autosampler
Narrow Bore Capillary FID GC System

Basic Model

The Narrow Bore Capillary FID GC System includes everything you need for ultra-high performance narrow bore capillary chromatography. In addition to a wide range of general gas chromatography applications, the Narrow Bore Capillary FID GC System is excellent for environmental testing and quality control applications.

The On-Column Programmable Temperature Vaporization (OCPTV) injector allows larger and simpler liquid injections than are otherwise possible with narrow bore columns. Like a traditional heated Split/Splitless injector, the OCPTV has a split vent and needle valve for venting solvent while concentrating the sample. Unlike a heated Split/Splitless injector, the OCPTV vents the solvent without rapid vaporization. Carrier gas flow is programmable from the PeakSimple data system.

The OCPTV discriminates in favor of semi-volatile analytes with boiling points higher than C8. The chromatogram at right shows an analysis of diesel range organics (C10-C28). The OCPTV causes the analytes to focus on the analytical column, resulting in sharp, well-defined peaks.

Traditional heated split injectors can usually only handle 1-2 µL injections. The OCPTV’s ability to accommodate larger (1-20 µL) injections allow for detection limits an order of magnitude lower. For more information on the OCPTV.