TO-14 Air monitoring GC


  • PID and FID-DELCD detectors
  • Dual trap TO-14 air concentrator
  • Built-in “whisper quiet” air compressor
  • 6-channel PeakSimple data system
  • Vacuum pump with PeakSimple controlled interface
  • 60-meter capillary column on the compact 8610C chassis
  • Options/Upgrades: Split/Splitless injector and additional columns
TO-14 Air monitoring GC System

Basic Model

For TO-14 analysis and ambient air analyses of all types, this GC has everything you need in a compact, easy-to-transport package.
The dual trap TO-14 Air Concentrator is similar to our purge & trap, but it has a gas inlet instead of a liquid purge vessel (a liquid purge head can be added if required). The innovative dual trap design results in more efficient trapping and desorption than single trap designs, especially for early eluting peaks such as vinyl chloride. Please see page 72 for more information on the TO-14 Air Concentrator.

The 60-meter capillary column is the newest unbreakable, fused silica-lined, stainless steel technology, which gives good separation of the TO-14 analytes with short run times. The PeakSimple data system controls and sequences the entire analysis, collecting the data from the three detectors, loading and desorbing the traps, then calculating and printing the results.

Since it is small enough to take on-site for real-time measurements, you can perform the analysis right at the source, avoiding the need for expensive, labor-intensive canister sampling. The vacuum pump interface allows the data system to turn the external vacuum pump ON/OFF under PeakSimple control. The vacuum pump is used to draw ambient air through the traps for a precise amount of time, thus enabling the system to sample unattended. The built-in air compressor eliminates the hassle of transporting bulky air cylinders by providing an endless supply of combustion air for the FID/DELCD combination detector.

The DELCD is completely selective for compounds containing chlorine and/or bromine. Other analytes do not respond at all, even at very high levels. The DELCD operates on the FID exhaust gases. All contaminants are pre-combusted by the FID to CO2 and H2O before reaching the DELCD.

The first few peaks in the 8021 standard, especially vinyl chloride, are of special interest to many analysts. This chromatogram shows the expanded detail of the first few peaks (the VOC gases) in the analysis shown above. Note the exceptionally good resolution and peak shape delivered by SRI’s dual trap technology.