S 6020/6120 Needle Injection Valve

S 6020 Needle Injection Valve

A built-in position sensor allows the S 6020/6120, a stainless steel/ PEEK respectively 2-position valve with a needle injection port on the front side, to begin data collecting exactly at the injection site.


  • Heating
  • Heating/Cooling
  • Temperature Time Program
  • Integrated Valve
  • Leakage Sensor
  • Temperature Fuse

The S 6020 is a stainless steel 2-position valve with a needle injection port on the front side. The S 6120 is an identical valve with an inert PEEK stator. These valves feature the No-Flow-Interruption (NFI) technology which reduces pressure spikes during position switching to a minimum. The needle port can be used with standard microliter syringes (e.g. Hamilton) or plastic-type syringes with 0.7mm needles. The S 6020/6120 has a built-in position sensor for starting data acquisition precisely at the point of injection. A variety of rotor seal materials are available to cover any type of application.

Flow Scheme

S 6020/6120 FLOW SCHEME

Technical Specifications:

Sample Loop20 ┬Ál, others on request
Stator MaterialStainless Steel / PEEK
Pressure Range400 bar (6000 PSI) Stainless Steel
Pressure Range350 bar (5250 PSI) PEEK
S 6020 Valve Mounted